Our Story

  • Every day is busy, but we still love daily chores — it’s a way of living in the moment.

    We are a group of people from different backgrounds, having different jobs, hobbies and passions. We share one thing in common, we all enjoy doing daily chores even though we are all very busy — but who isn’t?

  • Doing chores are the only moments where we can be BLANK; to quiet our brain and mind, think about nothing, to re-gain our energy, creativity, curiosity and humour. To reach this, the cleaning product we use plays a critical role. SumofBlanc is a combination of all the best features we love.

No harsh chemical used

Cleaning products are meant to clean.

If it looks good, smells good but doesn’t work well, that’s disappointing.

We heard this from many friends around us, so the functionality of our products is never something can be sacrificed for reasons like smell, cost...., etc.

Instead, we insist to keep the ingredients(for cleaning function) as is, to make the cleaning effortless, the result is amazing!

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Plant Based Solution & Australia Made

Gentle, NO harsh chemical

Plant based ingredients
Australian made products

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