Our Story

  • We are a diverse group of individuals with varied
    backgrounds, professions, hobbies, and passions. Despite our busy lives, we all
    find solace in performing daily chores. It's during these moments that we can
    be truly present, quieting our minds, allowing us to think about nothing and
    recharge our energy, creativity, curiosity, and humor.

  • The cleaning products we use are vital in achieving
    this state, and each of us has our own preferences. SumofBlanc embodies all the
    features we cherish, making it the perfect choice for our shared moments of
    tranquility amidst our hectic lives.


No harsh chemical used

The purpose of cleaning products is to effectively clean. Merely looking and smelling good is not sufficient if they fail to deliver the expected performance. This disappointing feedback from our friends and acquaintances has instilled in us an unwavering commitment to prioritize functionality over other considerations such as scent or cost. Accordingly, we have retained the essential ingredients responsible for the efficacy of our cleaning solution, thereby ensuring that cleaning is effortless yet yields amazing results!

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Plant Based Solution & Australia Made

Gentle, NO harsh chemical

Plant based ingredients
Australian made products

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