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Bathroom Cleaner

Pure plant based power harmoniously blended with nature’s signature scent. Enchantingly fresh and lovingly gentle on skin. No harsh chemicals.

Size: 500 mL | 16.9fl. oz

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Use only as directed. Simply spray and wipe clean with a damp cloth. For built up dirt and grime, spray, let stand for 1-5 minutes then wipe clean. Great for bathroom tiles, bath tubs, toilet seats, bins, acrylic and vinyl. Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes.


- Biodegradable
- Grey Water Safe
- Septic Safe
- Plant Based Formula - No Phosphate
- No Palm Oil
- No Chlorine
- No Dyes
- No Ammonia
- Non-Corrosive
- Not Tested on Animal


Made in Australia.

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