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Laundry Liquid 1L

Pure plant based power harmoniously blended with nature’s signature scent. Enchantingly fresh and lovingly gentle on skin. No harsh chemicals.

Size: 1000 mL | 16.9fl. oz

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Do not pour directly onto fabric. For new items, check colour fastness. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Separate whites from colours. Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes.

Top Loader: 60~80ml
Front Loader: 40~60 ml
Hand Wash: 10ml per 1L of water


- Biodegradable
- Grey Water Safe
- Septic Safe
- Plant Based Formula
- No Phosphate
- No Palm Oil
- No Chlorine
- No Dyes
- No Ammonia
- Corrosive
- Not Tested on Animal


Made in Australia.

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